11 Life Changing Habits for Your Personal & Work Life!

A keystone is something on which associated things depend for support. These Keystone Success Habits will support you in being successful in your personal and work life! Perfect Gift for Christmas and launching into the New Year with actionable habits that matter.

Tired of getting the same results with your current habits?

Personal growth happens through intentional daily action. It won't take long and you will have worked through the 11 Keystone Success Habits that are filled with wisdom and practical application. Before you know it you will be enjoying the results of your Keystone Success Habits.


5 star rating

Success Habit 1

Fabiano Giaccherini

Excellent it really opened my eyes to the level i am performing at and the level i want to be at.

Excellent it really opened my eyes to the level i am performing at and the level i want to be at.

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Keystone Success Habits Program

Take The Steps Success People Know And Practice

  • 1

    Welcome to Keystone Success Habits

    • A Message From The Designed Alliance Team

    • Using this Course

    • Welcome & Introduction

  • 2

    Personal Growth

    • SUCCESS HABIT 1 - Personal Growth

    • SELF EVALUATION (Personal Growth)

  • 3


    • SUCCESS HABIT 2 - Attitude

    • SELF EVALUATION (Attitude)

  • 4


    • SUCCESS HABIT 3 - Competence

    • SELF EVALUATION (Competence)

  • 5


    • SUCCESS HABIT 4 - Priorities

    • SELF EVALUATION (Priorities)

  • 6


    • SUCCESS HABIT 5 - Responsibility

    • SELF EVALUATION (Responsibility)

  • 7


    • SUCCESS HABIT 6 - Commitment

    • SELF EVALUATION (Commitment)

  • 8


    • SUCCESS HABIT 7 - Forgiveness

    • SELF EVALUATION (Forgiveness)

  • 9

    Purposeful Action

    • SUCCESS HABIT 8 - Putting Your Purpose Into Action

    • SELF EVALUATION (Putting Your Purpose Into Action)

  • 10


    • SUCCESS HABIT 9 - Initiative

    • SELF EVALUATION (Initiative)

  • 11


    • SUCCESS HABIT 10 - Integrity

    • SELF EVALUATION (Integrity)

  • 12

    Work Ethic

    • SUCCESS HABIT 11 - Work Ethic

    • SELF EVALUATION (Work Ethic)

  • 13


    • Congratulations!

    • Ways To Keep Growing And Further Developing Yourself

Meet Your Keystone Success Habits Instructors

Steve Kane & Alex Sipala

Steve Kane

Founder & Director

A transformative Leader, Speaker, Coach, Trainer and Certified John Maxwell Team Member. Steve has been pivotal in the growth and transformation of thousands of people. He is an engaging public speaker with extensive cross cultural experience. For 23 years, Steve worked as a pastor where he was involved in the leadership and management of youth ministry within Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Region. This involved developing and working with teams on small to large scale events globally. He had a strong focus on equipping and empowering young people to step up as leaders and world changers. He has also served on several Non Profit Boards and heavily engaged in the functions of those organisations as well. Steve is passionate about personal growth and development with a special focus on helping people leverage their leadership skills.

Alex Sipala


A successful businessman and entrepreneur and John Maxwell Speaker, Coach and Trainer. Alex’s mission is too “Influence the influencer” and help leaders and high achievers make a positive impact. He holds multiple appointments as a director on several organisational boards in Australia both for-profit and not-for-profit and is CEO/Founder of his own international business that employs over 250 highly skilled personnel.